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Barnyard Discoveries

has been designed to bring the farm experience to YOU.

Our goal is to share “a day at the farm” with our visitors without having to leave their school or residence. It truly is a field trip in your parking lot. Budget constraints and rising transportation costs have made traditional field trips prohibitive for many schools and groups but Barnyard Discoveries now offers a convenient and cost-effective solution to that problem. The mobile farm experience provides a rare opportunity to learn about the importance of farming while enjoying a truly interactive experience of all the senses. Our mobile farm features a fully enclosed, handicap accessible trailer filled with a variety of animals and interactive learning tools. Farm Facts are posted about each animal in the exhibit along with explanations of all types of farming methods. Our grains display allows you to see firsthand examples of local crops and the role they play in our daily lives. A scale model farm machinery display lets you take an up close look at some of those big machines and explains how they are used in today's modern farming operations. Visitors will not only make important connections between agriculture and contemporary consumer products, but begin to understand the continued impact of farming on American life.


Combining Farm Education and Entertainment


Barnyard Discoveries salute the American Farmer